QEC leadership team & secretariat

The QEC will be able to assist exploration ventures reach investors through a number of initiatives and networks. To reach the QEC, as a first step please email or phone 07 3295 9560.

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Kim Wainwright

QEC Chair

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Kim holds a number of board and directorship positions in the exploration and mining sector including being CEO of Xplore Resources; a mining services company specialising in geological and exploration services. Kim is also Chair of a resources private equity fund that has acquired assets globally under Kim’s leadership. Kim started her first business in 2009 after ten years in Government; including holding high level public policy positions.


Stephen Kelemen

QEC Deputy Chair - Petroleum & Gas

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Stephen Kelemen is an independent industry executive. In addition to his QEC Deputy Chair Petroleum and Gas role, he is a member of the Core Energy Group Advisory Council and provides professional services to clients. Stephen has diverse petroleum industry experience including reservoir, development, operations, exploration, JV management, R&D and M&A evaluation developed through his 38 year career with Santos Ltd as well as his extensive involvement with the industry.

Darren Walker

QEC Deputy Chair - Minerals & Coal

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Mr Darren Walker is currently a Senior Executive with U&D Coal Pty Ltd, a coal mine developer and explorer. He has over 18 years’ experience in exploration, mining operations, marketing and corporate management in coal, iron ore, gold and other metals as well as petroleum and gas and is passionate about exploration and the exploration industry. Darren is also the alternate Director – Exploration for QRC.

QEC Secretariat

Samantha Nasternak
QEC Marketing Manager

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Through more than 5 years as QRC’s Communications Adviser, Samantha has gained a wide range of experience in digital marketing, event management and corporate communications. Now in her role as QEC Marketing Manager, Samantha is excited for the opportunities ahead for the QEC and is passionate in her work on the QUREX Gateway and bringing to life QEC’S renewed marketing and events strategy.

Samantha Nasternak

QEC Marketing Manager