QEC welcomes new funds for explorers

The Queensland Exploration Council (QEC) welcomes the latest round of exploration grants for the North West announced today by Minister Lynham.

QEC Chair Brad John said nine exploration companies will share in $1.13 million to explore in the mineral rich province.

“The North West Minerals Province is home to some of the world’s most sought after minerals, and with the government sharing the costs, companies are encouraged to explore in higher risk areas of the Province,” Mr John said.

“It’s good to see the program going high-tech and encouraging geochemistry and geophysics work.  With much of the deposits of the North West under cover, the industry needs to have all the state-of-the-art cards up its sleeve.”

The funding is administered through the government’s Collaborative Exploration Initiative which gives explorers a hand to get their projects to the next stage.

“I think it’s fair to say this initiative is one of the most popular programs the government runs and is a genuine partnership with industry and encourages blue-sky thinking around new technologies and new geological models,” Mr John said.

“It was Saint Barbara’s Day on Monday – the Patron Saint of Mining. Saint Barbara would be very pleased with what is happening in Queensland.”

This week the QEC launched the Queensland Resources and Exploration Gateway (QUREX) website. QUREX provides information, support and connections to explorers and investors in Queensland.

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